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From the moment you are born, you are allocated numbers that are important to you: your date of birth, Identification number, passport number, house number, bank account Number etc.

Numerology is one of the oldest analytical techniques in the world, and can be traced back to the Babylonians. The ancient Egyptians had their own numerology system, which occult powers attributed to each number.  They used numerology as a means of understanding human psychology, Judaism holds what is probably the greatest key to the lore of numerology through the Kabbalah, a secret mystical text containing the philosophical science of numbers.

In the 13th century, scholars of the Kabbalah developed the Gematria, a method of interpreting the Bible whereby inferences were drawn from the numerical value of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, using this method, Kabbalist scholars would search for hidden meanings in the text of the Old Testament.

The Christian Tradition

Numbers have long had great symbolic spiritual significance in the Christian tradition.  In the Middle Ages, numbers and geometry found their way into nearly every aspect of the cathedral design, from the number of pillars to the layout of the facade. Number symbolism also features heavily in Christian Theology.  Well known examples include two natures of Christ (human and divine), the trinity, the four points of the cross, the triple six (the number of the beast or the antichrist) the seven virtues and vices, the nine choirs of angels and the twelve apostles or disciples. The number thirteen, commonly thought as the number of bad luck, symbolises faithfulness and betrayal – number of Apostles plus Judas.


There is no doubt that the Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras (c. 580-500 BC) is the father of Western numerology in the form that we know it today, Pythagoras believed that the world is built upon the power of numbers.

In his words everything is numbers and to know numbers is to know thyself”

According to Pythagorean theory, everything in the universe is composed of mathematical patterns, and thus all things can be expressed in numbers that correspond to Universal Vibrations.

In this way, Pythagoras believed, numbers are the keys that can unlock the secrets of the universe and nature.  It was Pythagoras who laid down the basic tenets of Western numerology, which operates by reducing compound numbers down to nine primary numbers, each of which is assigned a particular meaning and symbolism.  According to this methodology, all names and birth dates can be reduced to numbers in order to determine the personalities and destinies of individual. Because Pythagoras left only fragmented details of his system of numerology, there are many differences in numerological interpretation today.

Why Numerology Works

One of the basic tenets of Western numerology is that everything in the world is constantly vibrating with energy. Numbers are viewed as symbols of the constant cycle of energy, and are thought to reveal the patterns of life itself.  Each number has its own unique vibrations, and each represents specific powers and opportunities. According to Numerology, the numbers that are ascribed to each individual (particularly through their birth date and name form a template for the energy in that person’s life). Through awareness of the powers and principles of numerology, each individual can discover how to change the energy surrounding his or her life to achieve a harmonious vibration and reach his or her maximum potential.

Once we understand the basic significance of numbers, we can begin to apply their meanings to everyday situations. Numerology can help us in many facets of our lives. It can tell us which colours are best suited to our home and wardrobe, and which day and years will be lucky for us.  It can also tell us how we can change our names to bring luck and fortune into our lives, and what we should look for in the personal numbers of our business partners, friends and lovers.  We can even use numerology to see into our future.

Your Known Name

Your known name number is essentially your inner personality, the real you. You may show different sides of yourself to different people at different times, but your core personality is who you really are. Chances are, only those with whom you are intimate – your family, close friends, and lover – know you in this way.


How it can help you

Sometimes, we are so busy being so many things to so many people that we forget who we really are, and what truly makes us happy in this life.  By ignoring or forgetting about our true selves, we can become profoundly unhappy without ever realising why.

Knowing your known Name Number and the characteristics associated with it can help you make sure that you never lose sight of the real you, helping you to remain faithful.

Birth Number

The date, time and place of birth are equally important for divining purposes in Numerology.  For our purposes, we will concentrate the birth date number, also known as the Life Path number, which represents and reflects a person’s inner potential.  If you fell lost or indecisive your birth number can help set you on the right path.  Your birth Number also shows your inherent talents and capabilities.

Your Birth Number represents the character you were born with: your instincts, your karmic duty, and lessons, your genetic makeup, your traits and flaws, and your life direction.

What it means

Your Birth Number tells you what you have been brought into this world to explore and to find out – it is your Life Path revealed. It is where your soul resides, and is what motivates you. It is the underlying force in everything you do even if you aren’t conscious of it. Your Birth Number also tells you what your innate skills and talents are.


How it can help you

By knowing your Birth Number, your genetic character, if you like – you will have a better understanding of where you are coming from, the underlying motivation that drives you, and your basic instinctive nature.  This can be a great help when you need to make important life decisions, especially in the work realm.


Other People’s Numbers

Not only you can figure out your own Birth Number and thereby ascertain your own basic nature, you can also get a glimpse into anyon’s basic nature – so long as you know their birth date, that is by working out your romantic partner’s Birth number, for instance, you can discover his or her basic motivation. This will allow you to have a better understanding of his or her emotions, which will no doubt lead to a stronger and more supportive relationship.



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Aventurine – Brings Opportunity and Positive stone of Prosperity

Amazonite – Brings Success & Abundance.  Good luck stone for games of chance, competitions & luck in any financial venture.

Citrine – Attracts Wealth & Prosperity. It’s not just acquiring wealth but also helps in maintaining it. Stone of Abundance and manifestation.

Special customized Blessed Health Gemstones Charm

Consists of  :

– Grounding, emotional, physical & intellectual balance. Soothing and calming.
Harmonize yinyang energy, overcomes negativity.
Heals emotional disease, stimulates digestive process and relieves gastritis.
Strengthen blood vessels.

– Excellent blood cleanser.
Calm and revitalizes the mind.
Calms anger and irritation.
Purifies blood, detoxifies liver, intestines, kidneys, spleen and bladder.
Removes toxin. Regulates and support blood flow, aids circulation.

– Facilitates spirituality and contentment.
Serenity, composure, stability, strength & peace.
Emotional centering, dispel anger, rage, fear & anxiety.
Alleviates sadness and grief. Aids insomnia & brings restful sleep.
Strengthen immune system. Relieves physical, emotional, and physiological pain or stress.
Heals disease of lungs and respiratory tract.

Rose Quartz
– Calming and reassuring crystal , excellent for use in trauma, or crisis, including the emotional upheaval of mind life crisis.
Strengthen empathy, sensitivity, and aids in acceptance of necessary change.
Comforting grief.  Stone of love, tenderness and sensuality.
Stimulates the proper functioning of the heart and circulatory system.
It assists in healing the kidneys, aids chest and lung problems, reliving coughs and soothing bronchial areas.
Supportive of female reproductive system genitals and increase in fertility.

Clear Quartz
- Healing and energy amplifier.
Stores, releases, regulates & raises energy.
Realigns and refocuses the body, mind and spirit towards goals.
Aids concentration, brings about clarity of mind.
Protect against radiation and dispel static electricity.
Stimulates immune system balances the body.


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